Because in order to get into the archives you have to schedule a time I have not been able to look through the archives yet, but I have emailed Rebecca and am hoping to spend at least an hour or so there on Monday, provided that that time works for her.

Since I haven’t been able to make it into the archives I have been focusing on finding what I can about Jewell students who served in Vietnam online. So far most of the references I have been able to find through the internet have been in obituaries. My focus moving forward is to try to find some veterans who are still alive and/or more information about the influence the war had on Jewell students of the time. One trend I have noticed is that many of the veterans I have found so far were greek during their days at Jewell, so if I can find enough information I would like to explore the relationship between the fraternities on campus and the war. 

Another aspect I am looking into is expanding my search a little bit to include veterans and veteran organizations in Liberty in general, and then trying to narrow my search down from there by searching for ties to Jewell among those who I have already established had ties to the war in town.