This primary source is Osama Bin Laden’s 1998 Fatwa made on February 23 against the United States of America. The fatwa clearly states Bin Laden’s anger concerning the United States’ actions towards Islam and his intentions to correct the U.S’s wrong doings. From studying Islam I know that Osama Bin Laden was Sunni militaristic Islamic, which is rare because Sunni is usually considered the less conservative branch in Islam. The rhetoric expressed in the fatwa is heavy in Islamic passages of Allah worship and anger. All of the Islamic passages feature vengeance and action to correct in the name of Allah. The language in the fatwa articulates the anger and frustration the Muslim people are experiencing in their countries over Western pressure. There are three facts discussed in the passage that is commonly felt by Sunni Islamic militaristic on their feelings concerning the United States. First is the occupation of the U.S in holy Islamic places such as Iraq, which Osama Bin Laden was an occupant.  Second is the inflicted damage on Iraqi people by “crusader-Zionist alliances” and Americans. Last is the United States continuous alliance with Israel. These three crimes “are a clear declaration of war on Allah, and Muslims.” What is interesting is that Osama Bin Laden and the other Islamic leaders say they are talking for all of Muslims, but it is obvious that Muslim minorities like the Kurds, the Lurs, and the Balochs are persecuted even though they believe in Allah and are Muslim brothers. It seems that this fatwa is a clear representation of Iraqi citizens’ anger and it is easy to rally people around a scapegoat instead of handle the situation in a controlled fashion.