MAKEUP Primary Source for 11.13

This is a picture of President Richard Nixon when he took a trip to China in 1972. This exercised what President Richard Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger called détente. Détente is the easing of strained relationships, especially in a political situation. President Nixon and National Security Adviser Kissinger didn’t care what the Chinese were doing to their own people they just cared that they were allied with the United States. President Nixon realized that China was not his enemy, the Soviet Union. Nixon realized that not all Communism was an enemy of the United States of America, just the Soviet Union (this idea was squashed by Ronald Reagan when he said that all communism is evil and needs to be eliminated).
This move by President Richard Nixon in 1972 got China out of its isolation and opened up relations between the United States of America and China. It was a bold move by Nixon and his administration. I don’t believe that this was the right move. I believe that Ronald Reagan had the better idea of all communism being evil and not just the Soviet Union. Democracy is the best and America is number one. Communism is bad.