My primary source for the class on December 4th is President Bush’s remarks immediately after hearing about the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001.  President Bush’s remarks were seemed very sincere and to the point to me.  He started his remarks at 9:30 in the morning and ended them a minute later.  The President was actually reading to a class of elementary school children in Florida when he heard of the terrible attacks.  I, myself, was in the third grade when the attacks happened.  They didn’t tell me about the attacks at school and I learned about it when I got back home.

            I believe the remarks President Bush stated after the attacks were very appropriate and on point.  In his remarks he states, “Terrorism against our nation will not stand.”  At the end of his remarks he also states that there will be a moment of silence for all the victims that had fallen in the attacks.  President Bush immediately flew to Washington after his remarks to lead the nation and decide what the next step will be.  I will never forget September 11 and will always remember that day.  September 11th, to me, is a “day that will live in infamy”.