9/11 Memorial

This is the recently constructed 9/11 memorial in honor of the thousands who perished in the attacks on the World Trade Center towers. Like we discussed in class, this is a once in a generation event that everyone will remember where they were when they first heard about the attacks. I was in my 5th grade class. I still vividly remember the confusion I felt immediately after I was informed about what was happening. Much like many people, I could not believe it. But if there was one positive that resulted in so much tragedy, it was that this country was more united that I have ever seen it. There were American flags on every house and flagpole that I crossed. I remember being really proud of how we bonded as a country, even as an adolescent.
But within 13 short years, this country is very divided. The last topic of our class discussion is the future of this country; more specifically foreign policy and honestly I have no idea what our future looks like in either regard. I guess it will depend on which political party will be in power in our government because their ideals are very far apart in today’s government, and their stubbornness as well. I guess it is just disheartening as an American that our government is dysfunctional enough to have to have a shut down. I hope the best for our future and I believe everything will be fine but there are going to have to be some compromises made.